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Next Mount Penn Preserve Partnership COG Executive Meeting
Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Mount Penn Borough Hall
200 N. 25th Street, Mt Penn, PA 19606

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Mount Penn Preserve Trails-  The Mount Penn Preserve Partnership (MP3) strictly prohibits individuals from creating new trails within the Mount Penn Preserve as per the municipalities’ and County of Berks’ ordinances. This is also for the sake of visitors’ safety, health of the land, and for the preservation of historical features found within the 4,000 acres of the Mount Penn Preserve. The MP3 is currently in the process of assessing the 40+ miles of trails used for equestrian, hiking, and biking. We encourage you to “STAY IN THE LANE” and enjoy the existing trail system that meanders through many historic features, flora and fauna.
MISSION STATEMENT:  To protect, promote and enhance the natural beauty, heritage and attractions of the Mount Penn Preserve. 
Mount Penn Preserve Master Plan

Mount Penn Preserve Newsletter
The Mount Penn Preserve Partnership Council of Governments (MP3 COG) is happy to share the very first Mount Penn Preserve Newsletter for Fall 2018!  Click the following link to view a digital copy of the Newsletter:  Mount Penn Preserve Newsletter

The Mount Penn Preserve Partnership Council of Governments (MP3 COG) was officially established on July 25, 2018 when all FIVE governments signed the documents.  A HUGE THANK YOU for all of the support from the community and local businesses as well as Alsace Township, Lower Alsace Township, Mount Penn Borough, the City of Reading, and Berks County for working together to make the Mount Penn Preserve a destination for all to enjoy!

Meeting Minutes:  July 25, 2018 Minutes​​


On May 31, 2018, the Mount Penn Partnership celebrated two years as a group at the Stokesay Castle Ballroom.  The evening began with a few words from Executive Committee Co-Chairs Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt and Lee C. Olsen, AIA about the successes and challenges the group has faced the last two years. The five committee chairs gave their annual report to attendees and the evening ended with a discussion about the what the future holds for the Mount Penn Preserve.  To learn more about the evening's discussions as well as additional meeting minutes, please Click Here​.


On May 3, 2016, The Pagoda Foundation, in collaboration with the City of Reading and the County of Berks held an Open House and Forum at the Stokesay Castle Ballroom to seek community input, engagement and support to discuss the future of the Pagoda as well as other features on the mountain. This is affectionately being called, "Mount Penn Preserve". This is not a new idea as a study was done in the 1960's to explore a similar concept.
The forum, hosted by Pagoda Foundation President Lee Olsen, AIA and Berks County Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt, discussed the potential of the Mount Penn Preserve becoming a destination with its restaurants, trail, vistas, outdoor activities and events with the possibility of additional recreation venues. Discussions also included ways to raise funds for matching grants that may be available for the Mount Penn Preserve. Attendees also had the opportunity to share their support with the forum and discussed future community meetings to be held in support of the Mount Penn Preserve. To learn more about the results of the first meeting as well as additional meeting minutes, please Click Here.
Open Forum May 2016 

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If you or someone you know is interested in supporting the Mount Penn Preserve initiative, please contact:
Pagoda Foundation President Lee C. Olsen, AIA, NCARB
Phone: 610-371-9606
Email: lolsen@odgarchitects.com
Commissioner Kevin S. Barnhardt
Phone: 610-478-6136
Email: kbarnhardt@countyofberks.com
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Berks County Planning Commission
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Learn some great history about the Pagoda and the 120 Pro Bike Race.  Click here to view the YouTube video.